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Evenemanget har redan ägt rum.
I augusti har Forum Box improvisationsmusik från artister Frõ, [ówt krì] och Call Us.

Konsert klockan 19.
Biljetter 10e, endast kontant!


Frõ is an experimental duo improvising electronic music.

Together, Frida Blomberg and Ada Hoel join their voices with electronic
processing to create their musical landscapes.

Inspired by nature, encountering the roar of the city, they sew musical
impulse the moment it emerge. These grow: into melodies, tonal landscapes
and hypnotic noise.

[ówt krì]

[ówt krì] (phonetics of "outcry") is the main creative output for multi-instrumentalist, instrument builder and artist Kenneth Kovasin.

Kenneth studies aural textures and contrasts and compiles them by utilizing different sources and effects. Since 2005 he has been perfecting his methods and finding new innovative sound sources and instruments for his recordings.

Dark ambience and soundscapes have been the backbone for [ówt krì] through the years, even if the methods and instrumentation have become more refined.


Call Us

The concept of Call Us is creation of new soundscapes without genres through exploitation and manipulation of noise and musical elements.
The complex mixture of influences range from abstract forms of visual arts and industrial noise to free improvised and classical music and the tradition of electronic sound synthesis.
Each sound performance is realised through experimental improvisation strategies with unexpected combinations of self constructed synthesizers, electronic devices, objects, voices and acoustic instruments.

Call Us:
Michael Sagulin - viola
Sirpa Jokinen - self made synthesizers, percussions
Grisell Macdonel - double bass, voice
Vesa Lehko - woodwinds, objects

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Galerie Forum Box
Gräsvikskajen 3a
00180 Helsingfors